Launch Pad Non-Disclosure and Program Agreement

Last Updated: 19 April, 2021


THIS NON-DISCLOSURE AND PROGRAM AGREEMENT is entered into today between Fast Customers LLC DBA Visionary Alignment and you, the Client.

1. By joining this program, we are fully committed to your success. This program is for action takers. It's inevitable at times that you might feel overwhelmed or not know what to do next. That's normal. Remember we are here to help you. By signing this contract, you agree that if you are stuck that you will reach out to Launch Pad Program Director, currently Jason Ayers, so that we can help you make your next move.

When we invited you to join us as Launch Pad member, we did so with the knowledge that the members of Visionary Alignment are going to show up and play full-out to support you and give you the tools you need to grow your business and to find the personal and professional fulfillment you’ve been searching for.

Launch Pad is an exclusive group, and we are protective of its energy and integrity. This program has been created with our hearts, expertise, and experience knowing what entrepreneurs need most to succeed. Our #1 goal as a team is to help you get RESULTS.

This is what we expect from you:

  • To show up as the best version of yourself: ready and willing to be coached, committed to sharing your wins and struggles with the team and other members, committed to taking action to get results in your business, and committed to your long-term success
  • To attend your kickoff (aka on-boarding calls), your North Star Strategy Session, to book and attend your coaching calls, to test and implement the strategies and tactics we develop together, to participate in your group, and to interact with Visionary Alignment staff.
  • To attend (as you can) any Hotseat Question and Answer Session(s), Mindset training(s), training(s), Virtual and/or Live Workshop(s) or Retreat(s), and to participate in the group as best you can
  • To support and encourage your fellow Launch Pad’ers
  • To reach out to us when you need support!
  • To be an action-taker and implement what you are being coached on in a timely manner so you can get the real-world feedback required to fine-tune your strategy, tactics, and actions.

If at any point in time we determine that you are not implementing the material or staying involved in the process, our integrity bars us from continuing to have you in the group. We are fostering a group of ‘A Players’ and will protect the energy of the group above all. It’s for this reason that we retain the right to discontinue your Launch Pad membership if the above requirements are not being met.

We will always give you a heads up, but we are at all times responsible to what we understand to be circumstances that will support the energy of the group and ultimately help you get the results you’re looking for.

By completing this transaction, you agree to ask for help when needed.

2. By signing this agreement, you, the Client, commit to playing full out for at least one (1) year. The Launch Pad program is a minimum one (1) year commitment and I agree to a minimum of one (1) year. You acknowledge that there are no refunds and that you are responsible for fulfilling and paying for all payments on your payment plan.

By completing this transaction, you, the Client, agree to the payment terms.

3. We are committed to YOU. Because you are a ROCKSTAR and because we honor and respect individuals who invest in themselves, you are securing the program rate you started the program for the first year, less any discounts or promotions, and for every consecutive year that you continue with Launch Pad. 

The investment in this program will likely increase as demand increases, but you'll lock in the rate you joined, less any discounts or promotions, as long as there is no break in your membership term and your account stays in good standing. 

Program rates aside, enrollment or on-boarding fees for Launch Pad are subject to change. Please note depending on a person’s enrollment date and payment plan, enrollment or on-boarding fees may vary and your rate is not based upon any personal information you have given us or the income of your business. It is solely based on the then current deliverables of the Launch Pad program. Because of this, we ask you to keep your membership rate confidential and not to share it with other members.

By completing this transaction, you, the Client, agree not to discuss your membership rate and you understand that by joining now, you are locking in the current program rate for Launch Pad, less any discounts or promotions, for future renewals.

4. You acknowledge that you are investing in yourself and that Visionary Alignment is investing significant resources in you. We are here to help you get on track and get results. Because we are so committed to you, we want you to continue to work with us. We respect your free agency and independent decisions, including any decisions you may make to discontinue working with us after the term of this agreement or to apply for membership in our other programs in the future. 

Should you choose to discontinue with our programs entirely, there is a high probability that you will not be selected should you wish to re-apply. This policy is for your benefit because doing what may be required to get the results you desire may (at times) make it feel like quitting is a better option than proceeding. We’re taking a stand for your future and for your success when we say such feelings are fleeting. In the end, the feelings that will stick with you will be the feelings of confidence and success which are only possible when you make the decision to take a stand for yourself, for your business, and for those people for whom you are responsible.