Scope of Services

Bespoke Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Assisting leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and high-achievers to:

  • Clearly identify and articulate what they want to create or experience in the world.
  • Identify areas where they feel unfulfilled and which conditions would be required to feel fulfilled.
  • Identify and then dissolve, resolve, or integrate underlying narratives, motivations, blind spots, or biases which may act as self-imposed obstacles or self-sabotage.
  • Identify and resolve issues leading to undue resistance and friction within their business operations.
  • Illuminate reactionary patterns causing unnecessary stress or expense.
  • Illuminate failing strategies that need to be revised to fit current conditions.
  • Transition from a place of obligation to a place of choice (i.e. sovereignty within their domain).

The amount of progress you make will be influenced by your courage and willingness to do the work required. Many of the issues you are experienced were created over a lifetime and as a result will take varying degrees of time to resolve.

Subject Matter Expertise

You are the subject-matter expert within your own life and business venture(s). The answers you are looking for are within you, but the root-causes of the problems you are experiencing (and their solutions) may be in your blind spots.

My objective is to help you illuminate the blind spots and identify the solutions so you can solve the persistent problems you are experiencing.