Annual Plan Payment Options

There are several payment methods to make it easier to take advantage of annual pricing while locking in your rate for a year.

Send a Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are simplest and quickest way to take care of your annual payment with the lowest associated fees (usually $0 to $50/transaction depending on your financial institution).

Routing instructions

Routing Number: 021000021
Account: 869123687
Bank: J.P. Morgan Chase
Contact: Jason R. Ayers | Fast Customers LLC, P.O. Box 19241, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269 | (602) 361-1011

Pay With One or More Credit Cards

You can pay with one or more credit cards. If you'd like split the annual plan across several different cards, we can facilitate that process. 

Note: There is a 2.9% transaction fee when you choose to pay an annual plan via one or more credit card. If you are paying with more than one card, let us know which card you would like to use to cover the additional transaction fee.

Click the link below to schedule a call if you would like to pay via credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Annual Payment Options

Do You Offer Financing Plans?

No, we don't currently offer financing plans as we don't specialize in evaluating and properly collateralizing loans. We've found it's best to leave lending to those that specialize in lending while we specialize in our own area of expertise.


Can I Pay Over Time (Installment Payments)?

We don't offer financing plans (please see above), but if you would prefer to pay over time, there are at least two options available: 

  1. First, we offer monthly plans that allow for convenient monthly payments. Bear in mind, the monthly plans do represent a higher effective monthly rate and don't lock in pricing for the year like our annual plans.
  2. Second, there are plenty of banks and financial institutions who would be happy to have your business if you'd like to set up a loan or credit facility with them so that you can take advantage of our discounted annual pricing while also taking advantage of monthly payments.

I Was Referred - Can I Skip The Discovery Call and Sign Up Now?

While we understand you might be excited to get started, especially after being referred to us, please wait until after your Discovery Call to sign up. We want to make sure we can serve you at a high-level and Discovery Calls are how we do that.

If we have already decided you are a great fit and have invited you to enroll, then feel free to make your payment.


What's Your Refund Policy?

This type of investment in yourself and/or your business can create some anxiety, which is your body's way of telling you to pay attention. That's human nature at work...

And human nature is exactly why we have a no refund policy.

Making a large investment in yourself gets your attention, creates the motivation and leverage you need to solve the problems you need to solve, and makes it painful to abandon yourself and the work that you know you need to do.

Refunds create a way for you to escape when the work gets challenging, thereby abandoning yourself in the process, which is why we don't offer refunds.

Choose to show up for you or choose not to, but stop living in the land of 'maybe'.